Supporting the Surgical Trainings

We provide solutions and supports for DRYLABs and WETLABs. With our knowledge in medical engineering and partnerships with medical industries, we are capable of providing effective and efficient training solutions.

Success story 1: Establishing a new training routine at a hospital
We have demonstrated surgical training using BEAT and YOUCAN at a hospital. We gave a presentation on the result and the analytics of past trainings and proposed a more effective training routine.

Success story 2: Leasing training apparatus to an academic conference
We have leased BEAT and presented WETLAB/DRYLAB at an academic conference.

Supporting the Surgical Trainings


Development of Surgical Training Models

We are please to challenge the new development of surgical training models.

Success story 1: Neurovascular models for MCA-STA anastomosis (Neurosurgery)
We have developed Neurovascular models for a training of MCA-STA anastomotic technique based on a request from Australian School of Advanced Medicine.

Australia Sydney Morning Herald (Apr. 23. 2009)

Success story 2: Development of a Wetlab Organ Model
We have developed a new porcine skin product, optimized to a certain training task, as to respond to a customer’s request. We have managed to establish a steady supply of this product.