10th OPCAB Competition in ASCVTS2013, Result

We proudly announce winner of ASCVTS 2013 OPCAB Competition in Kobe.
This is 10the OPCAB competition held by Young-Kwang Park, CEO of EBM Corporation under collaboration with accademic society. 20 models of YOUCAN-EX and Fee-waiver for Re-evolution summit V in Houston (March 2014) was presented to the winner.
1st Prize Dr. Kenichi Kamiya, Mie Heart Center, Japan
2nd Prize Dr. Makoto Hibin, Nagoya Daini Redcross Hospital, Japan
3rd Prize Dr. Shimada Naohiro, Shounan Kamakura Hospital, Japan

Honorable Judges:
Dr. Shinichi Osaka, Yamatoseiwa Hospital, Japan
Dr. Hirofumi Takemura, Gifu University, Japan
Dr. Seiichirou Murata, Itabashi Chuosogo Hospital, Japan
Dr. Takayuki Ohno, Mitsui Memorial Hospital, Japan

14 attendees from 7 countries competed their anastomotic technique on beating heart simulator.
Country: Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Turkey and Bangladesh
Next contest will be held at The 18th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Coronary Artery Surgery in Fukuoka, July 11-12 2013.